Benefits of Wireless Charging in Your Vehicle

2019 Lincoln MKC Interior | Mike Raisor Lincoln

Many car manufacturers are adding wireless charging to their vehicles, and Lincoln is no exception. The benefits of wireless charging are numerous and can make any drive more enjoyable for occupants. Traditional charging methods, like connecting to a USB port, can’t match the advantages of wireless charging in the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus.

Ready to Use

Thanks to wireless charging, your smartphone device will be ready to use at a moment’s notice. Since you can just set the device on the charging pad in the 2019 Lincoln Nautilus, you can keep it full of charge without watching the battery or using a USB port. Once you arrive at your destination, you can simply lift your phone off the charging pad and be on your way.


Is there anything simpler than putting your phone on a charging pad? If there is, we can’t think of it! Some Lincoln models feature charging pads for larger smart devices, like tablets. There’s truly nothing simpler than wireless charging.

Cut the Cable

Fumbling around with smartphone chargers while driving your Lincoln down the highway can be extremely dangerous. If you’re in a hurry, you might even forget to unplug your phone from the charger while exiting the vehicle. Thanks to wireless charging, you can grab your phone and get to your destination in a moment’s notice.

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